Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back to the start

After last years full start I am back into Napoleonic wargaming in a big way. Enthused by my recent read of the magnificent "The Battle of Quatre Bras 1815" by Mike Robinson. I have declared my favourite colour is now orange and the Netherlands troops were not just a bunch of cowards who ran away. well, except maybe for the 5th Light Dragoons....
My plan now is to start painting forces for the start of the campaign. Then I will add them as they appeared on the battlefield of Quatre Bras.
So to start with I will be painting up the forces I need to play the opening skirmish at Frasnes.
To finance my new project I will be painting up more Napoleonic figures and selling these on Ebay. My first batch sold last week and include these pictured below from perry miniatures. Marshal Ney is my favourite Perry miniature so far. The Perry range just keeps growing and growing!

With the proceeds from these few I am off to Britcon this weekend with the hope that Dave Thomas's stand will be there and well stocked in the 2nd Nassau-Usingen troops. As i plan to paint up this battalion of nearly 900 all ranks in 1:20 it will be a whopping 45 figures strong. I hope this will not drain me of my recently fueled enthusiasm.