Monday, 30 August 2010

lights, camera, ACTION!

Well my new bulb turned up safe and sound, so now i can crack on with the next batch. In the interim i have had a major clear out of my wargaming area and made myself a new worktop which is 8' x3'. This will allow me to have a permanent set up for photography, so to test it i took a few pics of the jagers now sporting their freshly repainted chin scales.

During the clear up I have been harsh with my lead mountain and there will be lots of various stuff going to on eBay or the bring and buys soon.

I managed to get a few productive hours of painting in last night. 14 of the 2/2 NU now have skintones and green. Hopefully today i will be able to finish them off and start on the next batch of 14. Splitting them up in this way it wont feel like to much of a slog completing these large units. once they are all finished i will then base them all at the same time to make sure the basing colours match.