Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Back from Britcon

I had a successful shop at Britcon last weekend. Thanks to Dave T's stand i now have enough Nassau troops to see me through to Christmas. I also managed to sell off a shed load of GW plastics as well as offload a few chunks of my lead pile.

So to start with I am painting up the Nassau volunteer jaeger company, 9 figures in all. These will be my test figures for the rest of the Nassau contingent hopefully i will get a green i like. At the moment they seem a bit dark, but i guess as the green is listed as dark green then i am not to far off. They just look a bit dull. Hopefully the ochre coloured belts and yellow piping should brighten them up a little.

Once these are finished i may go off course and paint up a few Voltigeurs to try out the song of Drums and Shakos rules.

I hope to have these boys finished tomorrow and will post new, better pics then.