Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More French command stands

Here is my latest batch of French painted to finance the project. I found it hard to put these boys up for sale because i was really pleased with how they came out. I had to content myself with the knowledge that they are serving a higher purpose and when the time is right I will repaint them for my own collection. They are on Ebay if you press on the name it will link you to the auction.

I am currently refining my shopping list for Britcon. As well as a few pieces from Perrys I am thinking of buying some Hovels buildings. The only thing putting me off is Grand manner should be releasing his new Quatre Bras buildings next month. So maybe i should wait for them?

I have just downloaded "song of Drums and Shakos" by Ganesha games. I have their fantasy rules which are good fun, so hopefully these will be just as good for Napoleonics.
My plan is to use these rules for small skirmish games. For larger skirmish up to divisional level I will be using General de Brigade. These are the rules I first played Napoleonic wargaming with. Having had a long break from this period I have managed to buy and read quite a few different rules for the era. Some good some not so good.....
Anyway DB and I used to be running partners so it would be rude not to use his masterpiece.
I have never played it using 28mm, i just hope my table is big enough otherwise i will have to build a larger one!
If i ever paint enough figures and to play corp level games then I will probably switch to black powder. GdeB can become a little bogged down when the game gets to huge unless you have lots of players to help it run smoothly. Well that is enough thinking out loud for now, i best get back to the painting table.

GOC G de D Comte Francois Kellermann, leader of the III Reserve Cavalry Corps during the Waterloo campaign

Marshal Soult
GOS Marshal Jean de Dieu Soult, Duc de Dalmatia. Napoleons chief of staff during the Waterloo campaign.
Mounted along with his ADC C de B de Baudus

GOC G de D Comte Edouard Jean Baptiste Milhaud, leader of the IV Cavalry corps during the Waterloo campaign.

GOC G de D Baron samuel Francois L'Hertier, leader of the 11th Cavalry division during the Waterloo campaign.